My Approach

painting-hands approach to help

Here’s my approach that I am proud to offer all my clients:

A healthcare “partnership” or collaboration

I don’t work alone – I need the help of my patients and other professionals to do my job well. I need my patients to keep an open mind, be honest with me, and be willing to do a bit of “homework” at times (don’t worry – it’s not like the stuff your teachers gave you)! I may act as the leader in determining what steps need to be taken to reach your health goals, but I have to collaborate with you to put in place a plan that is going to work FOR YOU – sustainably.

I also routinely communicate with my patients’ other healthcare providers, whether it be your MD, your chiropractor or personal trainer. A collaborative approach to your healthcare is the most effective, safe and efficient.

Commitment to uncovering the source of your health concerns.

The first thing I do, is listen.  Really listen.  I will give you a safe space so that you can share your story – free from judgement.  Your story is important.  I will not pretend that I always have the answers – I don’t. I promise that when I don’t know the reason for something, or have the answer to a question – I will tell you, and eagerly do the work to figure it out. As a Naturopathic Doctor, I want to get to the underlying cause of your health concerns – because I truly believe that is where long-term improvements and prevention comes from. Think of me as your health “detective”. We have to retrace some of the steps that got you to where you are, and shed some more light on your present condition – but in the end that allows me to identify both the cause and the most effective solution!

Healthcare that’s as individualized as YOU.

I treat people, not illnesses. No two headaches are the same, just as no two people are. Even though a concern may be common – it does not mean there is a “one-size-fits-all” approach to treating it. I take the time to understand where you are at, how you got there, and where you want to go – and offer natural treatment solutions that are catered to you and your health journey.

Motivation & Support

No one ever said change is easy – but I am here to help it be as comfortable and as positive as possible. I see myself as a facilitator and a coach in a lot of senses. I encourage my clients to take control of their health & wellness by engaging in the process; but I recognize that we all need support and guidance along the way! I equip myself with the tools and resources to help you see things through – whether it be healthy & nutritious recipes, daily health checklists, or a quick call to see how you are doing. I believe that better health is always within reach, as is a helping hand to get you there.

Like the sound of things so far? Still want to learn a little more? Awesome! Let’s set up your Complimentary “Meet & Greet”, and get all those questions answered.