Health Resources

I like sharing the wealth! Below are some links to my favourite online healthy-living resources, and some community partnerships I am proud to be involved with! I am inspired by them daily—and I hope you will be too!


Healthy Eating & Recipes

The Whole Life Nutrition Kitchen

My New Roots, by Sarah Britton

The Sprouted Kitchen, by Sara Forte


Environmental Health

Environmental Working Group – download great consumer guides on food safety, cosmetics, sunscreens, and house-hold products.

The David Suzuki Foundation.  Oh Canada!

The Detox Market.  A fabulously stylish downtown Toronto marketplace for toxin-free, naturally sourced cosmetics, skin care & hair care.


Naturopathic News and Peer-Reviewed Journals   CAND-LOGO

The Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors (active member)

The Ontario Association of Naturopathic Doctors (active member)                                                           APND-Logo

Association of Perinatal Naturopathic Doctors  (active member)

Natural Medicine Journal

Naturopathic Doctor News & Review


Community Health Resources

Fresh City Farms.  Toronto-based, local food & farming initiative.  Get Toronto-grown, organic produce delivered right to your door!  Check them out!