The PMS-Busting Checklist


I hosted a workshop last night at Mahaya Forest Hill – all about PMS.  We talked about some pretty simple strategies that encourage better hormonal balance.   PMS accounts for literally hundreds of symptoms; mood changes, food cravings (hello sugar & salt!), bloating, acne, headaches, breast pain, sleep disruption, fatigue….it goes on.   Hormonal chaos  (which […]

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Summer Eats: Stuffed Vegetarian Peppers

Stuffed Vegetarian Peppers

This “meatless” meal celebrates lots of different local produce that is available this time of year!! Bell peppers, zucchini, dark leafy greens, fresh herbs, tomatoes – all invited to this party. Lentils are a great vegetarian source of protein, and fibre – and they taste great used here. Serve this with a green salad and […]

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Free Workshop: PMS & Menstrual Wellness


  Attention ladies! If you find yourself always dreading your period; due to PMS, cramps, irregularity, headaches, acne, food cravings, and feeling just plain old lousy – this workshop is for you! Dr. Bronwyn Hill, Naturopathic Doctor and Women’s Health expert – will be discussing the following in this interactive workshop: What hormonal imbalances contribute […]

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Bloom on....

The May long weekend has come and gone….which for many marks the official beginning of summer.  The city of Toronto is in full bloom these days, and I for one am relishing these early days of summer!  Shaking off a long, cold winter was tough this year, and a simple spring detox is one way […]

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Superfood 101: Ginger


As far as “superfoods” go – and there is a big crowd of them worth knowing these days – Ginger is one of my favourites.  I sound like a broken record  – I really do recommend it a lot!   I want you to get friendly with this “superfood” too, so here are the “deets” […]

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Why Fever is Your Friend….


Happy New Year wellness warriors! Well it seems that a doozy winter is upon us here in Toronto – the cold temperatures have been stubborn – as have the coughs and colds I have been seeing in practice.  The brunt of cold and FLU season is upon us, and better late than never that I […]

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A Better Breakfast….


Confession time…..I am not good at breakfast.  I have become lazier the last few months about my morning meal routine, relying too much on bread and coffee to get me started.  The last two weeks, I re-focused some energy on my morning meal – and wowza – what a difference!  No more tension headaches, better […]

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You want me to eliminate WHAT!


What to do when your ND recommends a food elimination….. I know, I know.  We ND’s are famous for prescribing food “elimination” – sugar, dairy, gluten, corn, soy, eggs…etc.  I am fully aware that this is your least favourite part of the process.  I know its tough, I know it takes preparation, time and effort, […]

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Immune Boosting Sweet Potato & Pear Soup


A lovely combination of warming, seasonal foods – this makes an excellent immune-boosting lunch or light-dinner.  Sweet potatoes are rich in Vitamin C, beta-carotene – both important nutrients in warding off colds & flus.  In chinese medicine, sweet potato is strengthening to the spleen and helps build “qi” (internal energy). The recipe is originally from […]

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Fall into health….with a simple seasonal detox


It seems that fall is here officially – whether we want it or not! As the leaves start to change, and the temperature drops, we start to think of the transition into colder months ahead. Fall is a wonderful time to cleanse –  to shift from the expansive energy of summer into the shorter introspective […]

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