Pre-Natal Health & Pediatrics  

Naturopathic medicine offers safe, natural, and effective treatments for a wide-range of pediatric concerns.  I also provide naturopathic support for women during pregnancy and in the post-partum period.  As a trained Doula,  I enjoy working with women, their partners and families to ensure a healthy, positive, and empowering birth experience.

Pre-Natal Health & Pediatrics

Women’s Health  

You need not fall victim to your hormones ladies!  I love working with women in all life-stages, educating them about their bodies, their hormones, and their unique needs.  Naturopathic care can address many common gynecological concerns by assessing the root cause, supporting with diet and lifestyle, and using natural remedies to bring the body back into balance.  Learn more about my wholistic approach to women’s health concerns.

Women's Health

Stress Management  

Stress is an inevitable part of life; but how we choose to handle it, and how well we equip our body and mind with the resources to handle stress makes a huge impact on our long term health.  Naturopathic stress management will incorporate lifestyle-based coping techniques, and individualized treatment that helps the body better adapt to stress, while also reducing the negative impact(s) on your long-term health and wellness.

Stress Management

Dietary Counselling  

Food truly is the best medicine.  Having said that – it’s not always easy to know what, when, why and how you should eat.  Let me help, and discover how quickly dietary changes can make an impact on your health!

Dietary Counselling

Preventative Medicine  

You do not need to be “sick” to see a Naturopathic Doctor!  Prevention is always best, especially when it comes to many chronic health concerns. Naturopathic care offers guidance regarding proactive health & lifestyle strategies, in addition to thorough total-body health assessments and disease-prevention screening tools. Your health, in your hands.

Preventative Medicine

Nature’s Pharmacy  

We call them “modalities” – or the tools in our Naturopathic toolbox!  Learn more about “the tools” here.  Healing comes from within – I help give the body and mind a push in the right direction by using treatments that blend traditional nature-cure with modern evidence-based medicine.

Nature's Pharmacy

Sprout Naturopathic  

My new business, Sprout Naturopathic, specializes in delivering convenient naturopathic home care for women who are pregnant or have just given birth, and/or their growing children.  We provide treatments, resources, and products for mothers at all stages to feel their best and confidently care for their children.

Sprout Naturopathic



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